Quality property renovations services in Worcester, Malvern, Hereford and all throughout the Worcestershire.

Improving and updating any property can be a huge undertaking, but some require the specialist skills of a property care expert, especially where damp or wood infestations are an issue.

At Climate Solutions we can bring the skills and experience you need for your property renovations project.

Our credentials

Along with the experience we have in making older or period buildings habitable, we have nationally recognised qualifications in aspects of property care such as damp proofing and tanking that allow us to undertake any work from cellar and basement conversions, to barns and other outbuildings.

Our surveyors are CSRT accredited and offer a level of expertise only available through specialist property care companies –and a level of assurance not offered by a general builder.

Solving damp and moisture problems

Many older or neglected properties have significant damp problems – rising damp, penetrating damp, or even condensation are all things you may have to resolve as part of the renovations. At Climate Solutions we can offer the most appropriate treatment for your damp problem, whether that is a damp course or membrane.

Wet and Dry rot

One of the consequences of moisture incursion into a property may be the growth of wet or dry rot. While both are damaging, wet rot is limited to the area of damp, but dry rot is invasive and from the initial damp entry point can spread through timber, plaster, and even brick work, undermining the fabric of your building. Make sure you always get professional help when dealing with rot – it could save you a great deal of cash and worry in the long run.

Cellar and basement conversions

As part of the property renovations you could make the most of any lower-ground space by having it properly converted. We can create a dry, light and comfortable space fit for any domestic or business purpose and fully compliant with building regulations. Browse our website to find out more!