Barn Conversions

Barn Conversions

Our barn conversions services extend into the specialist areas of period property and barn conversions, so if you are planning a barn conversions in Worcester, Malvern, Hereford, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Cheltenham, Birmingham or locally, why not find out how we can help.

For Your Period Property or Barn Conversions:

Damp and Condensation: keeping damp out and condensation controlled is vital to the long lasting health of your property.

Timber: Often of structural importance in barn construction, our surveyors can give a qualified view of the soundness of your timber and we can deliver fast effective treatment where needed.

Cellars and Basements: With many period properties boasting cellar or basement space, we are here to make that space habitable and sustainable in the long term. Our combination of tanking or waterproofing and other alterations will provide you with attractive, comfortable, adaptable space.

Our Services For Your Project

Any renovation work will require aspects of the property care that we provide at Climate Solutions: solutions for rising damp, dry rot and wood treatment will help you get the structure you are working on back into good condition.

We offer cellar, basement and barn conversions for period properties, and can provide expert advice on condensation control too.

A Specialist Company

As an expert in the areas of property care and preservation we are excellently placed to deal with older properties, or converting those that have not previously been of residential use. We are able to provide CSRT expertise and specialist experience for property renovation – a level of know how not available from a general builder – and the assurance that our work will be high quality: effective long lasting and 100% suitable for your project.

Helpful, Professional, Reliable

If you have a project in or around Worcester, Malvern, Hereford, Leamington Spa, Cheltenham, Warwick, Birmingham and the surrounding region, get in touch with Climate Solutions for property care work assessed and carried out by our team of qualified technicians and CSRT surveyors.

Get a free quote for property care and barn conversions today!