Wet / Dry Rot

Wet Rot & Dry Rot

We can provide effective solutions for dry or wet rot – an essential service for the care of your property in Worcester, Malvern, Bromsgrove and the local area.

Our team of building experts can save your home or business from the effects of rot – we will carry out a thorough survey, eradicate the fungus, replace damaged materials and undertake repairs to prevent reoccurrence.

Identifying Wet Or Dry Rot

These different kinds of rot are two separate species of fungus, the ‘wet’ one needs more moisture to grow than the ‘dry’. The signs for each are slightly different, but any of these is a cause for concern:

  • Soft or spongy wood
  • Cracking or crumbing timber
  • Black fungus or an orange growth
  • Growth of white, sheet like substance

A professional can tell for sure if you have rot and identify whether it’s wet dry.

100% Effective Solutions For Rot

Whether the problem is a leak or the spread of a dry fungus, Climate Solutions can carry out removal, repair and ensure your property is fully rot free.

As a living organism, rot can spread through the structure of your home and left untreated can cause serious structural damage. Help should always be sought at the first sign of rot.

Why Call Climate Solutions?

With Climate Solutions you know you have found experts in the field of property care. We carry out each job with the same dedication as the last, and with plenty of experience in dealing with this problem, we can make sure all infected material is replaced and your home is safe.

We aim to be helpful friendly and happy to answer all questions. So if you need urgent assistance with dry or we rot in Worcester, Malvern or Bromsgrove get in touch with us today.