Rising Damp

Rising Damp Solutions for Worcester, Malvern, Bromsgrove & Birmingham

Do you know / suspect that rising damp is a problem in your property in Malvern, Worcester, Bromsgrove & Birmingham?

Climate Solutions are an established company working in your area, and we have the expertise to deal effectively with the problem, keeping your house or premises safe and sound.

Spotting The Problem

If water is getting in to your property it can cause a huge range of problems, degrading the fabric of the building and having a negative impact on the health of people who live or work there. The signs include peeling wallpaper, flaking paint and an unpleasant musty smell – and the quicker you act, the easier it will be to fix.

Rising Damp Solutions

A quick assessment will tell us where the moisture is coming from and the extent of any damage. Then we can get to work with preventative measures, and repair to the building where necessary.

Damp can be a problem that affects all kinds of property, although it is more likely in older houses. The immediate solution is often a damp proofing course or membrane. Where the interior of the property has been damp materials such as timber and plaster may need checking for wet or dry rot.

About Climate Solutions

Our company has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the treatment of rising damp, and we use this to deliver fast, effective services in Malvern, Worcester, Bromsgrove & Birmingham.

The quality of the services and our dedicated approach to every customer ensures that we are a trusted supplier of treatment and repair services in your area. As a fully professional and qualified company we aim to be friendly and helpful at all times –you can expect our staff to be punctual and courteous.

Get in touch to find out more about rising damp or any building job and find out how Climate Solutions can help.