Woodworm / Timber

Woodworm / Timber

At Climate Solutions we are experts in treating household problems such as woodworm, and making sure your timber is safe and sound.

You can call on us for problems ranging from woodworm, to wet rot and rising damp, in and around Worcester, Malvern and Bromsgrove.

Woodworm is a small beetle with the power to weaken the timber in your home, potentially causing structural problems – the sign you have this problems is small, neat holes appearing in woodwork – new holes will have the paler colour of newly exposed wood inside, and there may be small amounts of sawdust on the floor underneath.

There are chemical treatments for woodworm that kill off both the larvae and adult beetle and in some cases, timber may have to be replaced.

With Climate Solution’s professional service you get the reassurance that the problem has been completely eradicated – if even one or two beetles are left the problem could re-emerge.

Qualified Surveys For Your Timber

As a qualified surveyor there are many jobs that we can carry out to ensure the structural health of your timber. In addition to woodworm, timber can be threatened by invasive damp, or dry and wet rot. We can inspect the timber in your property for signs of these problems, and address the issue where necessary.

We are a family run firm, established and professional, but friendly and focused on customer care. You know a job with us will be completed to consistently high quality standards, and with our full trade liability insurance, protected guarantees and FSB membership, we are the team you can rely on.

The range of work we do covers our specialism in rot, damp and woodworm, but includes many more general building tasks. We welcome jobs such as plastering, tilting, partition walls and even cellar conversions; all available to customers in Worcester, Malvern, Bromsgrove and beyond.